Pound Hill Pounders’ Code of Conduct

Pound Hill Pounders’ Code of Conduct:
1. I will be responsible for attending sessions appropriately dressed i.e., suitable running shoes, cycling helmet, head torch and high vis where required (this list is by no means exhaustive).

2. I understand that I must be responsible for my own hydration as required during training, cycling or organized runs.

3. I will follow instructions given to me by coaching staff during a training session.

4. I understand that I am responsible for my own belongings when at a training session and the Club cannot be held liable for any losses or damage.

5. I will report any injuries or concerns to the coaching staff at the start of any training session or organized activity or as soon as I become aware of any.

6. I understand that I am responsible for my own safety when training with the Club.

7. I understand that youth members (14-18 years of age) are welcome but that the coaching staff reserves the right to turn away any youth members if they feel that the health and safety of either the youth member(s) or the group as a whole is put at risk.

8. I understand that I should not leave a training session or organized activity without first informing the coaching staff of that session.

9. I will not attend a session within 14 days if I have any covid symptoms, been tested positive for covid or have been in contact with anyone with covid. I will inform the run leaders immediately.

10. Pound Hill Pounders fosters an all-inclusive culture. I will support the club, leaders, and members by being courteous, inclusive, and welcoming.