Club Nights

Weekly club nights are on:-

Mondays – Meeting at Gratton’s Park, adjacent to the Tavern On The Green pub.

Wednesdays – Location changes depending on the session. Examples include: hill training in Crawley, a trail run in Cowdray Forest or Park Run training in Tilgate. The events tab of the Pound Hill Pounders Facebook group pages, will provide details of the sessions.

Each session starts with all groups combining together for a warm up and stretch. The group sessions follow the warm up. All our group leaders are qualified England Athletic Coaches.

  1. Walking Group – Great group if you want to get out of the door to meet friendly, likeminded people to have a chat. The group can be split into slower walkers who want to take it at a more leisurely pace, or faster walkers, who are keen to get the heart rate up a bit.  This will be dependent on numbers.  The walking group is also great for anyone recovering from injury.
  2. Couch to 5K Group – The ‘Couch to 5k’ tab provides more information. This group follows the NHS 9 week ‘learn to run’ programme.
  3. Social Group – Sociable chatty pace 12 min/mile + (7:30 min/km) This group is the natural progression for people who have previously completed Couch to 5K.
  4. Intermediate Group– 10 – 12 min/mile (6:15-7:30 min/km) pace for those that want to push themselves to the next development level.
  5. Fast Group – 7.30 – 9 min/mile (5:35 min/km) pace, for the more experienced runner.
  6. Trail sessions – Details of pace and location will be posted on the Facebook group pages the week before.

Each run session will last approximately 40 – 45 minutes, followed by a warm down and a gentle stretching session

Additional events

Long slow run – (LSR – Long slow run or long Sunday run? You decide!!). Details of pace and location will be posted on the Facebook group pages the week before.

One to one run sessions can be held on a group night or alternatively be arranged with Paul Smith.

Group races ranging from 5k all the way up to half marathon distance can be arranged via the Facebook group pages.

Pound Hill Pounders club ethos:

For safety and motivation, no runner will ever be left alone!