Facebook Down – Tonight’s Running Club Details

For all those attending tonight 4/10/2020. All the running and walking groups are still going ahead tonight despite Facebook doing its best to make it difficult to organise.

Meet at 18.30 at Gratton’s Park, next to the Tavern on the Green pub (see the map to the right).  Please bring a head or chest torch and your completed membership / emergency details form.

See you tonight!

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Emergency Contact detail form to be brought along to run club please.

PHP Membership Form -October 2021

We have implemented some changes to ensure the safety of our members.
All participants will need to complete a membership form before being able to take part in any PHP activities.
Please arrive 10 mins prior to a session to complete a form or contact myself or Paul Smith and we will email you a form that you can complete and bring with you or can complete and sign online with Adobe.
You only need to complete it once.
Once we receive your signed membership form you will be added to a private Facebook members only site.
Run leaders will complete a registration form prior to each session to capture who has attended and ensure everyone arrives back at the meeting point. This is especially important with the darker nights.
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Bleeping Running!

This Wednesday the Pounders were in action at Grattons Park performing a bleep test.  For some of us this was the first bleep test since secondary school but even so there were some very respectable efforts all round.

Special mention goes to the last people standing – Katie and Zander!

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